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Hello all, I wanted to propose a change to the kick system.

As you all know, hosts have the ability to kick or ban whoever they choose. While I think this ability is rarely used with malicious intent thanks to the amazing community surrounding this game I still think it has a few flaws.

Mainly, the restriction to kick someone after the objectives have been achieved. I understand why the devs implemented this, mainly to reduce the chance of a malicious host kicking someone right before the end.

This has however, a potential to be maliciously used against the host himself as well.

Story time, I usually host my games with helpful ping to text mods mainly focused on helping greenbeards. Yesterday, I hosted a game where 2 complete greenbeards joined and a silver 2 engineer. The game was going relatively smoothly although you could tell the greenbeards were struggling as this was Haz 4. It is important to point out this was an Extraction mission. For those who dont know, after 20 minutes pass on this mission type, you basically have an infinite swarm spawning. I managed to basically single handedly finish both objectives around 16 minutes mark (which is understandable, since again, my team was pretty new)

Seeing as there were only 4 minutes left before a constant swarm that my fellow miners wouldnt be able to repell, I said we should forget about the meteor and just quickly do the matrix core event as it rewards more xp and gives out matrix cores. (More valuable than season xp)

This is where the "higher" level engineer comes in. He basically disregards all I say, and starts the meteor objective, followed by running to the core event, and starting that at the same time. Safe to say, the greenbeards were overrun and died quickly, both crackers got jammed and even he, the "higher" level engineer went down. This was already around the 20 minute mark so the amount of enemies+the ebonite enemies from core event was staggering. I wanted to salvage the core event so I tried to solo the ebonites quickly. I went down, but thanks to my iron will and vampire, I managed to get myself up, resupply and even finish the core event. After that, I ressed everyone and we even managed to get the meteor as well.

Now it is important to point out, that at this point I am livid. Positively fumming. I must confess that I did start being "toxic" at this engineer. I did call him names and used profanities. You can judge for yourself whether I was justified or not.

Now here comes the kicker. We deposited all, and send the rocket. We fought off the enemies and were just about to leave, when the greenbeards fell to the insane amount of enemies and this "peaceful, non toxic" engineer decided to kill me, knowing I used my Iron to save the mission prior and proceeded to kill himself and failed the mission 2 steps away from the drop pod.

It is, also important to note, that he knew from the get go, from the moment I completed all objectives, that I can no longer kick him, which is when his shenanigans started in the first place. I also told him that I was aware that he was aware of this, and that this makes him and even bigger a-hole. He said hed leave, I told him, "Go ahead, I dare you, but you wont, and you know you wont". He ofc didnt as you read previously.

This is where I propose the change. After all mission objectives are done, there should be an option to call a "vote kick" by the host. At this point, all the other teammates except the target would have to vote yes in order to kick someone at this stage. This would eliminate the malicious use of the kick at the end but would also retain the ability to kick a-holes like this at any stage of the game.

I ofc, apologized to the greenbeards for not being able to complete the mission, they were fine and said the engineer was, and I quote this level 8 scout with default gear, a "dickhead".

Maybe the votekicking should be implemented into all stages of the game, not just the post objective stage.

Tl;dr Votekicking is a more objective and fair way to kick undesireable players, and should be implemented at least for the "post objective" phase of the game, if not for the game as a whole.

Thanks for reading, Rock and Stone Miners!

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While the current system isn’t perfect, votekicking isn’t really a viable solution for a bunch of reasons, such as player count, being disruptive, requiring everyone to vote, ties, etc. Most important is that the system should be rather straightforward and transparent, and what we have currently is the best compromise we’ve found so far.