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Today I was playing DRG with my partners when the biggest asshole I've ever seen joins the game. He comes in and immediately turns his mic on and starts bossing everyone around. Giving basic instructions on how to decontaminate rockpox to us. Now, my partners are autistic and struggle with DRG because of the chaotic environment, which is why we were playing a casual game on Haz 2 and I was giving them instructions over discord. This guy comes in, sees two greenbeards and a greybeard, and immediately starts handing out orders. I didn't want to kick him because he seemed harmless, so I just muted him. I thought I was muting him across the whole lobby. A few minutes later my partners complain about him, so I told them to mute him too. He must have noticed he wasn't being heard at some point, because he started telling the engineer what to do in text chat. He was a driller and he'd dug the cleansing pod into the ground, and he ordered, not asked, but ordered the engineer to platform the top. My partner doesn't even know what that means. And since my partner was ignoring him, he proceeded to cryo the engineer DURING a swarm, and then C4 the both of us. That's what earned him a ban.

I have never seen a level of toxicity on par with this in DRG before, and I hope I never do again. It was haz 2, for f*ck's sake. Anyway, thanks for being such a good community that this is the first time I've ever seen an actual bona-fide jerk in the game, after years of playing. Also the lobby owner tools are easy enough to use that we could ban him and finish the mission without any trouble

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Kids, stop fighting.