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For starters thank you all so much for being some of the best developers and for that you get the best ROCK AND STONE I can give. I am sorry that most of the community has been complaining about industrial sabotage, though not unjustified as it did grow tiresome seeing it in the last couple of deep dives EDD or weekly core hunt. I just wanna say I do like fighting the bass pro shop pyramid it was just getting annoying having to do it every week. So I just wanna say keep up the fantastic work and rock and stone

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Let me use this space to clarify something. There's been claims that we were harassed and changed something because of it, which isn't true.
We knew Industrial Sabotage isn't the most loved of the new missions, and we agree that having it twice in a deep dive isn't desirable - and that's why we changed it. Having it in the deep dives is a new thing and your feedback is important, and we realize that the double feature of that mission in particular doesn't give the flow and variety we want.