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Всякое разное: Больше об этом событии вы узнаете на странице его объявления.
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Hello Miners,
Last week, we notified you that the Legacy version of DRG was being removed now that the Five Year anniversary event is over. Our original plan was to have the Legacy version as a fun retrospect into how much DRG has evolved in these last five years. But we heard from a lot of you that you want to keep the Legacy edition around. And that is what we’ll do.

Accessing legacy work differently to how it was during the Five Year Anniversary event – we are moving Legacy to its own Steam Branch. For details on how to access it, see this post. So now you’ll have access to this wonderful time capsule of memories whenever you get nostalgic.

Bear in mind that we don’t plan to update the Legacy version, it will stay as true to how it was when it launched. So consider the bugs to be features – the Glyphid kind as well as the technical ones. And crashes are just a reminder to go play the Live version. What we are trying to say is, now you have the option to go back to the original version whenever you feel like it – warts and all.

And with the past of DRG now accessible at your leisure, we’ll go back to working on the future of DRG.

Rock and Stone!
With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew