23 Mar

Hello Miners,
Last week, we notified you that the Legacy version of DRG was being removed now that the Five Year anniversary event is over. Our original plan was to have the Legacy version as a fun retrospect into how much DRG has evolved in these last five years. But we heard from a lot of you that you want to keep the Legacy edition around. And that is what we’ll do.

Accessing legacy work differently to how it was during the Five Year Anniversary event – we are moving Legacy to its own Steam Branch. For details on how to access it, see ... Read more

16 Mar

Hello Miners, The booze is gone, the jukebox is full of beans, and the Anniversary event is finally coming to an end after 2 weeks of trophy hunting, free beer, and smooth jazz. We hope you have enjoyed the event just as much as we enjoyed making it. And a most hearty thank you to everyone who purchased the Supporter II Upgrade - it has been humbling and encouraging to read all the wonderful reviews.

A small PSA: We will keep DRG Legacy Edition available for an additional week. It was initially meant to go away with the Anniversary Event, but we’ll keep it around until the next patch, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 23rd. More than fifty thousand of you have had a dive into this janky ol’ time capsule and seen first-hand how far DRG has come in the past five years. And if you haven’t had a chance to try out DRG Legacy yet, well, now you have another week to do so.

Thank you again for celebrating these past five years with us, Miners. We are hard at work on Sea... Read more

10 Mar

Hello, Miners!
It’s been a bit over a week since the Five Year Anniversary Live Stream - and our hangover is almost gone. So much happened - we had a look at the past 5 years and what’s to come in DRG, ... Read more

03 Mar

Hello Miners, Some of you caught our Anniversary Stream earlier this week, but for the rest of you: We have revealed the first batch of games we are going to publish through Ghost Ship Publishing!

We know that a lot of you are following Deep Rock Galactic for DRG-related news and may not be as interested in what we are doing in terms of publishing. But the news we have to share is still rather DRG-adjacent: One of the games revealed is actually a game in the DRG universe! Allow us to introduce:


02 Mar

Hello, Miners!

The FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY event is now active, and will end two weeks from now on the 16th of March. Go get that bread while the gettin's good! Here's a short list of all the goodies added:

  • The Space Rig has been decked out like never before
  • The Double Performance Bonus Event is back
  • Brand new Anniversary Assignment, with a unique YEAR 5 PARTY HAT to earn
  • Free beers at the Abyss Bar
  • For funsies, we've added the DRG LEGACY EDITION to the game: Play the original 1.0 launch-version of the game from way back in 2018. You start it via the launch options from Steam - ...
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01 Mar

Hello, Miners! We can hardly believe it, but it is the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of DRG! This calls for a party, and Management has gone all-out this year. The celebrations will start on MARCH 2nd and ends MARCH 16th.

WELCOME TO THE PARTY The Space Rig has been decked out in style once more! Balloons and confetti and gilded plastic crap all over the place - everything valued corporate drones could want in a mandated company event. Have a good time - Management is specifically requesting it!

FREE BEERS It wouldn't be a party on Space Rig 17 without Lloyd disabling his Credit Inhibitor and serving up frothing mugs of ale for free - and this year is no exception! Head to the Abyss Bar and guzzle away - Company Policy directly states that all employees are required to drink responsibly, and we trust that nobody knows mor... Read more

23 Feb


Hello, Miners! The Annual Anniversary Ghost Ship Games Live Stream is back for yet another year! Those of you who’ve been with Deep Rock during the past 5 years will be well aware of this exciting yearly event - but if you’ve just joined up during this past year, allow us to explain:

Each year during DRG’s anniversary we run a live stream session featuring the founders and key members of Ghost Ship Games, talking about the past, present, and future of the game. This year will be no exception, especially since this time we’ll be celebrating HALF A DECADE of co-op fun, lucrative mining, and fond memories - all made possible by the game itself, and not least of all YOU: The community.

The live stream will take place on {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

02 Feb

Hello, Miners! As we alluded to in our previous post, we have an anniversary coming up: DRG is turning five! In other words, it’s been five whole years since we launched the game into Early Access. And we couldn’t help ourselves (this is becoming custom), we had to do something special for this occasion. This event feels very special to us, and whether you are a Senior Miner or a new starter here at DRG, we hope you will feel it as well when you get to experience it. So let’s get to the announcements, shall we?

Year 5 Anniversary event Yes, there will of course be an in-game event for this year’s anniversary. With Space Rig decoration, rewards, and botched Longbeard Freight deliveries - all that you have come to expect. More details will be revealed in due time, but you can already add it to your calendar: The Year 5 anniversary starts on Thursday, 2nd March, and ends on Thursday, 16th March.

But wait, there’s more.

DRG Legacy To commemo... Read more

27 Jan

Hello Miners, Great news! The {LINK REMOVED}‘Hiring for Hoxxes’ Recruitment Video Competition is live!.

As most of you know, Deep Rock Galactic is always recruiting new Miners to fill the company ranks. Working on Hoxxes is a rewarding yet dangerous undertaking, so to maintain headcount the company needs a steady inflow of new starters. And that is where you come in.

Make a recruitment video of modest length (no longer than 1:30 minute in length), showing potential new recruits why they should join Deep Rock Galactic, and you may win some very handsome rewards: A Steam Deck, a Golden Loot Bug plush, a gaming headset, a dwarven beard wig and a signed poster from Ghost Ship Games. Besides being celebrated by the team at Ghost Ship Games, of course. ... Read more

19 Jan

Hello Miners, The Lunar Festival officially starts today! There is plenty to enjoy in this first (but definitely not last) Seasonal Event of 2023. As the moons of Hoxxes converge once again, here is the list of what you can experience:

  • The Lunar Festival Assignment - a celebratory opportunity to put in some extra hours for the company - and to get handsomely rewarded in the process.
  • The Lunar Rabbit hat - Rewarded for completing said assignment.
  • A decorated Space Rig for you to enjoy with your team members while wearing said hat
  • An opportunity for Double Season XP awarded when you find and deposit decorative rabbit statues during missions. Yes, the Longbeard freighter carrying the shipment crashed onto Hoxxes…again. Management has some questions for whoever signed the exclusivity agreement with Longbeard Freight.
  • And as has become customary, you will of course get last year’s Lunar Festiva...
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12 Jan

Hello Miners, The Lunar Festival is making a return to DRG in 2023! Yuletide may have just ended, but you will get to experience this next Seasonal Event already next week. The Lunar Festival will start on Thursday, January 19th.

Some of you with grey streaks in your beards remember the Lunar Festival of 2022, but this new festival has got a fresh coat of paint (or Space Rig Decoration). Let’s go through what’s in store, shall we?

First, there is the assignment. Yes, another opportunity to put in some extra work and get compensated handsomely in return. Besides a hefty payout, you will also receive the ... Read more

11 Jan

Hello Miners, A couple months ago, we announced that we were partnering with PleaseFix. And the result of this partnership is finally here, {LINK REMOVED}the DRG PleaseFix site.

PleaseFix is a player-driven bug reporting and resolution platform. It is where you go to tell us if you see a bug (the non-Glyphi... Read more

10 Jan

Happy New Year, Miners!
We hope you’ve had a great 2022, and are ready for all the exciting mining opportunities this new year will bring. We took a bit of time off during the past few weeks, but now we are back again and hard at work on DRG.

With 2022 behind us, we’ve taken some time to take stock of how the game has been doing. And many of you have been asking for new numbers, given the excitement created by our last infographics two years ago. We understand you are all stakeholders in Deep Rock Galactic and want to know it is performing well - in short, we get it, you crave the KPI’s!

Here you go, Mine... Read more

15 Dec

Hello Miners,
Yuletide is here! And as we promised, we have a very special surprise for you during this event.

You can earn all of this in the second Yuletide assignment, the Yuletide Elf Hunt. Yes, part of the surprise is more work. You’re welcome.

For good measure, and because there is so much content this time around, let’s do a rundown of everything you can experience during this jolly time of year.

  • TWO (!) assignments, the Yearly Performance Bonus, and the Yuletide Elf Hunt.
  • A hefty reward and cosmetic items (so many items) for completing each assignment. Completing the Yearly Performance Bonus earns you the Reindeer Games headwear. And completing the Yuletide Elf Hunt earns you the Yuletide Elf Suit + Headwear, Chillaxe pickaxe set, and the Yuletide Sp...
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08 Dec

Hello Miners,
The next seasonal event is upon us! ‘Tis the season for celebration, presents, and work-related activities to earn said presents. Yuletide begins December 15th!

There is much to experience during this time of giving, so buckle up and hold on for deer life as we go through all of them.

It would not be Yuletide without festive hats. And in tune with the holiday spirit, you will get all hats from previous Xmas events. So you can spread some Yuletide while working on the jolly Yuletide Assignment only available during this most festive of seasons.

Yearly Performance Bonus The company has been doing quite well, and Management wishes to recognize your exemplary effort and impressive performance in the best way possible: Paid overtime A special assignment unlocking a hefty Yuletide payout! Sleigh your way through all the missions, and you will also receive the unique Reindeer Games hat. Shine a ... Read more

24 Nov

Hello Miners, We have another feature incoming for Season 03! So brace for impact.

METEOR SHOWER ----------------------------
During any mission you play, there will be a chance for a meteor shower to perforate the caves of Hoxxes. Smaller Lithophage Meteorites will come hurtling down on you and your team, so make sure to stand clear of the impact zones. This new danger also provides a lucrative opportunity, as the meteors can contain Plaguehearts. Their size and density make it possible to break them down with your regular pickaxe. No need for special equipment.

Meteor showers will start raining down on Hoxxes with today’s patch - so get cracking, miners!

And thanks to everyone who has nominated DRG for ‘Labor of Love’ in this year's Steam Awards so far. Your support and encouragement make this labor easy to ... Read more

22 Nov

It’s time to vote, Miners!
Nominations for the 2022 Steam Awards are open, and we would love it if you would vote for DRG in the ‘Labor of Love’ category.

Because DRG really is a labor of love for all of us here at Ghost Ship. We hope that all of you playing DRG feel that, and that definitely seems to be the case judging by the response from Season 03.

It’s been a little over two weeks since we launched Season 03, and it’s surpassed all our expectations. More of you have joined the ranks of DRG than ever before, with Season 03 setting the record for the highest number of concurrent players ever in the game. More than 46.000 of you were playing at the same time following the release of Season 03, with many hundreds of thousands of new miners joining since the Rockpox first arrived. Whether your beard is green, g... Read more

03 Nov


Hello Miners,
The Rivals have been pushed back for the moment, but only just in time for a brand new threat to rear its ugly head. An insidious lithophage, a sickness of the very rock beneath our feet, has struck Hoxxes.

Nicknamed the ROCKPOX, this planetary pathogen is spreading through the caves, infecting the rock and even directly affecting the local fauna. Even the hardy Dwarves can feel its insidious grasp.

Prepare for PLAGUEFALL!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

... Read more

26 Oct

Hello Miners, Just a little over a week before Season 03: Plaguefall reaches us! Many of you likely already tuned in to the premiere of the new Narrated Trailer, but for the rest of you, here it is.

We know that you can hardly wait, so let’s break down the new features you get to experience.

New Seasonal Event - Meteor Impact
Infected meteoroids carrying a dormant form of Rockpox are crashing into Hoxxes. This new disease literally infects the very rock where we work (and our livelihoods as a result). You will have the chance to come across one of these meteor strikes during your regular missions. Call down Rock Cracker modules from the Space Rig and hook them up to the m... Read more

25 Oct

Hello Miners,

Mark your calendars for the Season 03 Narrated Trailer, premiering on Wednesday October 26th, 1PM CEST here:!

This is also the time where Season 03: Plaguefall will be available on the Experimental Branch*, prior to its release next week on Thursday November 3rd.

And while you wait, here is a roundup for the rest of the teasers for Season 03:

... Read more