03 Aug


Hello Miners, It’s time for the 2023 SPACE BEACH PARTY - so grab your sunglasses and get ready for some company-sanctioned workcation activities:

  • Summer-themed decoration for the Space Rig, along with a playable steel drum and water balloons
  • Double Season XP Bonus when you deposit one of the pool floats that have been lost in the caves of Hoxxes
  • Two new assignments for the event: The Hoxxes Summer Cruise and Last Year’s Summer Fashion
  • The Great White Delight hat, obtainable upon completion of the Hoxxes Summer Cruise assignment. And of course, last year’s hats are obtainable by completing Last Year’s Summer Fashion
Enjoy, Miners. This year’s Space Beach Party ends on August 17th, 1pm CEST.
See you for some late summer activities in the mines of Hoxxes!

R... Read more

01 Aug


Hello Miners, Great news! Management has signed off on an increase in the celebratory budget, and is happy to announce that the Space Beach Party will make its way to the Space Rig on August 3rd, 1 PM CEST (Ending August 17th, 1 PM CEST).

Get ready for some late summer shenanigans, and put on your most festive garments for this sunniest of celebrations. Here is what you can expect:

The Hoxxes Summer Cruise It is cold out here in space, so Management has provided you with work-related activities sure to get you sweating. Complete this special assignment for some warming rewards, including a special hat - The Great White Delight! Don’t miss this jaws-ome addition to your wardrobe, Miners. So remember to fin-ish this assignment before the event ends.

More Hats Management also found some extra stock of last year’s hat... Read more

29 Jun


Hello, Miners! Just before the launch of Season 04, you may remember that we added a new track to the game: Journey Of The Prospector. Now, for those of you who have bought the Soundtrack on Steam, we have great news for you - it has now now been added to your soundtrack!

This new piece of DRG music was one of the last contributions of DRG Sound Designer Troels, as he is embarking on a new chapter of his career. You can read all about that in our ... Read more

15 Jun


Hello Miners, Welcome to SEASON 04 - CRITICAL CORRUPTION! Though we have gained great ground against the rampaging Lithophage in the past months, it remains a constant threat - and to make matters worse, reports of alarming new mutations are starting to come in.

Let’s get right into it!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

---------------------------- The Plague Hearts you have encountered previously have evolved. They will now turn into Lithophage Corruptors - ravenous, fully mobile abominations... Read more

14 Jun

Hello Miners, We are now less than a day from the launch of Season 04: Critical Corruption! And we also have a bit of exciting news on the Ghost Ship Publishing side of things - specifically, both Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and Spellrogue will have playtests starting next week!

You can sign up for a chance to get invited to each playtest on their respective Steam pages.
Playtest details ... Read more

01 Jun

Hello, Miners! Season 04: Critical Corruption is only weeks away (two weeks, to be specific)! You may have already tuned in for the premiere of the brand new Narrated Trailer, but just in case you missed it, here it is:

Let’s break down this critically corrupted collection of new features, shall we?

New Seasonal Event - Rockpox Corruptor
Remember those plague hearts you collected during Season 03? Well, they have evolved into hulking, ravenous monstrosities that you and your team will have to take down. As opposed to most of the native wildlife on Hoxxes, these beasts do not respond to gunfire - you will have to use the Cleansing Equipment designed for fighting the Rockpox on this t... Read more

31 May

Hello Miners,
You have waited patiently for us to reveal what you will get to experience in Season 04, and you won't have to wait much more - the Narrated Trailer for Season 04: Critical Corruption drops tomorrow, Thursday June 1st at 1 PM CEST here:

Following the premiere of the Narrated Trailer, this new season will be available on the Experimental Branch before its release on Thursday, June 15th.

What is that mawed monstrosity the dwarves are fighting? What's that com... Read more

30 May

Hello Miners! Last week we announced our next upcoming DLC - the DECONTAMINATOR PACK - and as usual we’ve been following along on all your feedback in the wake of it. Turns out a good chunk of you didn’t feel it was up to our usual standards - in particular the titular Weapon Framework itself, and the accompanying Paintjob. We had a bit of a nagging feeling ourselves that this new pack wasn’t up to the standards required of a DLC pack, and reading your comments confirmed this.

Frameworks and Armors are peculiar entities, and what might look super cool to some, might read as boring to others - and especially in the case of DLC packs, we are learning that more bling tends to be received better. You’re putting down good money for these items, and you want them to stand out - we hear you!

So, in order to make this a DLC worth adding to your collection, we decided to tweak the Weapon Framework, and update the Paintjob. We’ve focused on making the guns stand out a ... Read more

19 May

Hello Miners, In case you missed it, we just revealed the new Cosmetic DLC Pack we will release alongside Season 04 - the Decontaminator Pack!

This new DLC includes the new Decontaminator framework for all weapons in the game, alongside the Decontaminator paintjobs for all other weapon frameworks, armor, pickaxe, and Bosco. You’ll be well–fashioned to deal with the next set of horrors the Rockpox throws your way!

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17 May

Hello Miners,
We are still making our way through the more than one thousand (!) comments to last week’s Steam Post, containing our very cryptic image.
It has been an absolute joy to share your excitement for Season 04, and many of you already found the message hidden within the artwork. To reward your effort and excitement, here is the full Key Art reveal for Season 04!

Why are the dwarves flying? What is that monstrosity they are fighting? What’s in the box? Patience, Miners. All things will be revealed in good time. And soon - you may count on it.

There is one thing we can ... Read more

12 May


04 Apr

Hello Miners,
THE GREAT EGG HUNT is back - so get ready to find some eggs and hunt some bunnies! In true DRG fashion, this Seasonal Event has a lot to offer. Details below:

  • A decked out Space Rig which should put some Spring in your step
  • Double Season XP Bonus when you find and deposit one of the Mechanical Bunnies that have been let loose in the caves of Hoxxess
  • Not just one, but TWO new assignments available during the event - The Great Egg Hunt and Last Year’s Spring Fashion
  • 4 obtainable spring-themed hats- 2 brand new hats for this year’s event and 2 from last year

Enjoy, Miners. The Great Egg Hunt ends on April 20th, 1pm CET. So suit up, join your colleagues for some egg-stra work fun, and remember to be vewy vewy quiet when hunting that wabbit.

Rock and Stone!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

31 Mar


Hello Miners, Eggciting news! By popular demand, The Great Egg Hunt is returning! The event will start on April 4th, 1pm CET and end on April 20th, 1pm CET.

For those of you who just commenced employment within the last year, the Great Egg Hunt is a chance to eggsperience some Spring festivities together with your colleggs. What can you eggspect from this Seasonal Event, you ask? Well, let’s crack right into it!

The Great Egg Hunt Assignment For the duration of the event, a special EGG HUNT ASSIGNMENT will be available, and Management is willing to shell out a hefty reward upon completion. And on top of that, Management has thrown in an eggstra assignment - Last Year’s Spring Fashion, Which will reward you with the Spring-themed hats of yesteryear.

Hats That’s a total of 4 eggsquisite hats you can obtain from this year’... Read more

23 Mar

Hello Miners,
Last week, we notified you that the Legacy version of DRG was being removed now that the Five Year anniversary event is over. Our original plan was to have the Legacy version as a fun retrospect into how much DRG has evolved in these last five years. But we heard from a lot of you that you want to keep the Legacy edition around. And that is what we’ll do.

Accessing legacy work differently to how it was during the Five Year Anniversary event – we are moving Legacy to its own Steam Branch. For details on how to access it, see ... Read more

16 Mar

Hello Miners, The booze is gone, the jukebox is full of beans, and the Anniversary event is finally coming to an end after 2 weeks of trophy hunting, free beer, and smooth jazz. We hope you have enjoyed the event just as much as we enjoyed making it. And a most hearty thank you to everyone who purchased the Supporter II Upgrade - it has been humbling and encouraging to read all the wonderful reviews.

A small PSA: We will keep DRG Legacy Edition available for an additional week. It was initially meant to go away with the Anniversary Event, but we’ll keep it around until the next patch, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 23rd. More than fifty thousand of you have had a dive into this janky ol’ time capsule and seen first-hand how far DRG has come in the past five years. And if you haven’t had a chance to try out DRG Legacy yet, well, now you have another week to do so.

Thank you again for celebrating these past five years with us, Miners. We are hard at work on Sea... Read more

10 Mar

Hello, Miners!
It’s been a bit over a week since the Five Year Anniversary Live Stream - and our hangover is almost gone. So much happened - we had a look at the past 5 years and what’s to come in DRG, ... Read more

03 Mar

Hello Miners, Some of you caught our Anniversary Stream earlier this week, but for the rest of you: We have revealed the first batch of games we are going to publish through Ghost Ship Publishing!

We know that a lot of you are following Deep Rock Galactic for DRG-related news and may not be as interested in what we are doing in terms of publishing. But the news we have to share is still rather DRG-adjacent: One of the games revealed is actually a game in the DRG universe! Allow us to introduce:


02 Mar

Hello, Miners!

The FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY event is now active, and will end two weeks from now on the 16th of March. Go get that bread while the gettin's good! Here's a short list of all the goodies added:

  • The Space Rig has been decked out like never before
  • The Double Performance Bonus Event is back
  • Brand new Anniversary Assignment, with a unique YEAR 5 PARTY HAT to earn
  • Free beers at the Abyss Bar
  • For funsies, we've added the DRG LEGACY EDITION to the game: Play the original 1.0 launch-version of the game from way back in 2018. You start it via the launch options from Steam - ...
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01 Mar

Hello, Miners! We can hardly believe it, but it is the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of DRG! This calls for a party, and Management has gone all-out this year. The celebrations will start on MARCH 2nd and ends MARCH 16th.

WELCOME TO THE PARTY The Space Rig has been decked out in style once more! Balloons and confetti and gilded plastic crap all over the place - everything valued corporate drones could want in a mandated company event. Have a good time - Management is specifically requesting it!

FREE BEERS It wouldn't be a party on Space Rig 17 without Lloyd disabling his Credit Inhibitor and serving up frothing mugs of ale for free - and this year is no exception! Head to the Abyss Bar and guzzle away - Company Policy directly states that all employees are required to drink responsibly, and we trust that nobody knows mor... Read more

23 Feb


Hello, Miners! The Annual Anniversary Ghost Ship Games Live Stream is back for yet another year! Those of you who’ve been with Deep Rock during the past 5 years will be well aware of this exciting yearly event - but if you’ve just joined up during this past year, allow us to explain:

Each year during DRG’s anniversary we run a live stream session featuring the founders and key members of Ghost Ship Games, talking about the past, present, and future of the game. This year will be no exception, especially since this time we’ll be celebrating HALF A DECADE of co-op fun, lucrative mining, and fond memories - all made possible by the game itself, and not least of all YOU: The community.

The live stream will take place on {LINK REMOVED}... Read more

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