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As some background, I have played a ton of games where kiting is essential, but for discussion sake, I'll reference cod zombies. In most other games, you can't cancel running by pressing the left stick, you have to stop, look backwards or mantle. The issue for me is I keep cancelling the sprint because you can sprint diagonally on this game. Ill move diagonally to tighten the horse, then try to sprint again. I basically keep ending up in a situation where for a split second I'm not sure if I'm sprinting and this can cause deaths on haz 4 and 5. Does anybody else have this issue? I really wish there was a setting to turn off run cancelling by clicking the stick again.

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I can't offer any solutions to the issue at this point, but I'm forwarding this post to the programmers. You're not making an unreasonable request, we might be able to do something.

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Not really sure how a macro would work as it would have to detect if I'm sprinting? u/GSG_Jacob u/Robert_GSG hope you or one of the other developers see this!

Thanks for the ping. I've replied properly in the thread.