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Hello Miners,
This hotfix is a good mix of miscellaneous fixes and tweaks. Highlights include Grabber stuff and that the jumpy bois are back.

With Love,
Ghost Ship Games

- Fixed crash related to particles.
- Fixed random crash related to alt tabbing.
- Attempt to fix crash related to Dreadnought broken back armor.

- Fixed the fade from black at mission start (and elsewhere).
- Fixed the flare collision on Goo Sacks.
- Fixed the material on Unknown Horror.
- Fixed Mactera Tri-Jaw's Miner's Manual page - It now has the right colors.
- Fixed the alphabetical ordering of biomes in the Miners Manual.
- Fixed that players looked very jittery when riding on top of Doretta - Smooth rides from now on.
- Fixed multiple spelling errors.

- Squashed a bug that made flares burn sounds not fade out for clients.
- Squashed a bug that could cause the "thin" armors to show in the wardrobe when wearing full face-helmets and long beards.
- Squashed a bug that made weapons appear in the wardrobe.
- Squashed a bug that made the Mineral Trade terminal not update mineral amounts from Matrix cores until after making a trade.
- Squashed a bug that made a diamond appear in all missions Esc Menu and not just Assignment missions.
- Squashed a bug that caused the hologram to not disappear from Cargo Crate or Lost Packs if multiple players collected loot at the same time.
- Squashed a bug that made Cave Angel drop clients instantly (200ms+ ping).
- Squashed a bug where servers friends were playing in, would be displayed at the bottom of the server list instead of the top.
- Squashed a bug that made the poor Mactera Grabbers’ AI break down if they grabbed a lure and the lure unspawned while being grabbed. Poor confused Grabber.

- Added a 3 second period after a Grabber spawns where they can't grab anything - they will still go into chase mode though.
- Added a LoS check that needs to be passed to pick up the target (hopefully this will prevent Grabbers from grabbing dwarfs through thin walls).
- Added new assault rifle bullet casing particles.
- Added Stabber Vine kill-count to the Miners Manual + That you only unlock Stabber Vine entry after first kill.
- Extended the time the Dreadnoughts stay frozen slightly to compensate for the lower frozen damage bonus.
- Extended the time it takes for the Dreadnought to regrow its armor on lower hazards slightly.

- Made the Hiveguard take a slightly longer pause between its AoE rock attacks in solo games.
- Made it so that dreadnought fights will not be interrupted by random enemy spawns.
- Removed the huge distortion effect from when the player shield breaks

- Swarmers now jump out of the Glyphid Brood Nexus again.