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It’s a weird “complaint” to have, but why is ghost ship such a NOT greedy company? Why is the performance pass free? Why is phazyonite free? Why are there so few avenues to supporting this game past just buying it? Basically every other game capitalizes on their playerbase to continue to grow and expand, but DRG does not do this.

It makes me wonder, if there were more micro transactions, could we get more content more quickly due to them having more funding? Would that be a good sacrifice to make; less accessible cosmetics for more seasons, weapons, features, etc?

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Heya! I think Ser Pounce summed it up pretty well, but just to address some of your points; We sort of are capitalizing on our growing fanbase, just not in a predatory way. The game is selling well and so is our cosmetic DLCs and being a small team that’s all we really need to be a success - and I believe part of that success is steering clear of those monetary models. So, the thing about more money allowing us to hire more devs is a double edged sword. Adding more people does not equal more content. We are adding new people at a pace that we are comfortable with, but keep in mind that more people also requires more management, and that is also a balance act. We’re also currently situated in a office that is almost at capacity. We’d like to expand the team further, but we also need more space, and we want that space to be proper and a setup we can use for a long time even with growth.

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