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Hello, Miners!
It’s been a bit over a week since the Five Year Anniversary Live Stream - and our hangover is almost gone. So much happened - we had a look at the past 5 years and what’s to come in DRG, announced three games we’ll be publishing, and also announced the winners of the Hiring for Hoxxes competition! It’s this last part we’d like to recap for you, just in case you weren’t able to make it to the grand event itself.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

On January 16th, we announced a community competition to create a recruitment video for DRG. We made one ourselves to illustrate what it could look like.

Once the competition closed, we looked through all 195 submissions (yes, one hundred and ninety five!) and selected 10 finalists, on which the whole team at Ghost Ship would vote to find a winner. That list eventually ended on 11 entries - we simply could not trim it down any further. The original terms of the competition were that the final winner would get an armful of prizes, one of them a Steam Deck. But when we got to witness the sheer amount of craft you people demonstrated, the sheer quality of the entries, we pretty quickly decided that everyone that entered would get the new Supporter II Upgrade.


We also decided we had to add a 2nd and 3rd place, both of which would also receive a Steam Deck. Needless to say, we were having a great time watching all the videos - you can see for yourself, as the Lead Designer Mike and Content Producer Mark reacted to the finalist entries on-stream. Fun fact: Mark is the author of the recruitment video posted above.

In any case, enough faffing about - on to the finalists! These are the videos that made it to the final 11:

Here are the 7 awesome videos that made it to the finals but didn’t quite make their way onto the podium:

3rd Place
The bronze Medal ended up being shared between Doomer, a well-known figure in the DRG community, and Not Boogie. They were tied in votes from the Ghost Ship team, and both videos are absolutely amazing. Doomer’s over-the-top action shots left us in awe, while Not Boogie’s take on DRG from the Glyphids’ perspective made us guffaw. A round of applause to you both!

2nd Place
Coming in second, we have another well-known name: Drilling in the Name Of! We are avid watchers of his videos on Youtube, but this video still surprised us. You can still hear people humming the song here at the Ghost Ship office. Check out the semi-finalist video, in all its musical glory!

1st Place
It was very close between the top finalists. The discussion was long and heated. But in the end, the WINNER of the entire competition is:



We still don’t know how some of these crazy shots were made. Mark is desperate to know. When we started the competition, we never expected to see a video of this caliber, showing off DRG in such an action-packed fashion. Congratulations, SuperQuaker. Your rewards are well deserved!

What a competition, Miners! And thank you to all 195 of you who submitted a video. And a hearty congratulations from all of us to all you finalists and winners!

Rock and Stone, Miners! Rock and Stone!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

PS - we collected the finalists into a playlist here

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