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Rock and Stone fellow dwarves!

I've recently picked up this game from the 5 year anniversary sale and have been putting in way more hours than I'd like to admit (whoops). However, this community is by far the kindest and most helpful gaming community I've come across in a long while. When I first started out my teammates would gladly explain all the mechanics and answer any questions I had about the game. It quickly helped me become a better dwarf and teammate for my crew. And now I gladly pass on any information or tips people might ask about in my expeditions. So thank you everyone for being so kind and patient to your new players!

And I'd like to give a massive thank you to the developers who've created, maintained and built upon this game over the years. And for creating one of the most dopamine inducing, heart racing gameplay that I've been searching for for years! It has the perfect mix of mining precious (and worthless) minerals and PvE combat that isn't too difficult to get a grasp of. I've been playing class based PvP shooter games for the past decade, the likes of Overwatch, TF2 and CSGO and games like Destiny never stuck with me. They all have some sort of PvE gamemode but they're implemented fairly poorly and get stale after a while. But after playing a few missions with all the dwarf types I've been hooked ever since!

The game has been a massive help towards my mental health and general quality of life to be honest. I'm dealing with depression along with some other health conditions that get in the way of my daily life, so it's easy for me to neglect house chores, personal hygiene, responsibilities, etc. But after playing the game for a few days suddenly I had the energy and motivation to begin doing all the things I needed to do, without a second thought! It could be the new medication I'm trying out but playing this game, thinking about all the different strats, builds and missions I could play makes me excited and motivated in-game and out in life! And I've barely tinkered with the overclocks!

I know this is a long post but I haven't felt this great in a long time and felt like I needed to share the impactful experience I've had with this game. Thank you so much if you read this far and thank you for being part of the best community ever ❤️

Rock and Stone! to the bone! 

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Did I hear a Rock and Stone?

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