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The problem: Gold mining is slow and mining it is (debatably) slower credits per minute than just speedrunning the mission. Yes, yes, "true Dwarves mine gold" and all that, but is there a better way?

The solution: Fracture points! Gold veins could (sometimes, not always) have a little glint on a specific spot, somewhere random on the vein. Hitting this fracture point causes a crack to form, instantly mining a large portion of the gold! Another fracture point will also spawn if you're quick enough.

This wouldn't happen on EVERY gold vein, but if you saw a gold vein with a shiny glint on it, you'd know that you could mine the whole thing in a matter of seconds. A good compromise for people who want to go fast on missions, and those who want to mine lots of gold!

Additionally, this feature would work on Crassus gold (fracture points would randomly spawn upon creation of the gold)! Making a somewhat tedious task all the more worthwhile.

As an added bonus, maybe Pots o Gold could make fracture points more likely to spawn depending on how many players drink it (or maybe just as long as 1 person drinks it)?

We could even extend this feature to minerals, or Morkite and Nitra... the possibilities are - well, not endless, but there's a lot of them!

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Hello I am jacobs alt account and this idea is very rock and stone or something

No you’re not ಠ_ಠ

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