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Can we please make this happen? Loadouts has to be one of the most requested features all time and it's probably also one of the most important QoL features nowadays. Managing your gear and mods between activities currently takes way too long to the point where a lot of people don't even want to change gear anymore and / or create builds.

EDIT: This is specifically about having mods changeable in loadouts, not about loadouts themselves. DIM offers item loadouts already and so do a lot of other third-party apps, but not being able to change mods with the loadouts hurts the feature quite a bit

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As far as I’m aware it’s because they don’t allow “destructive” commands in third party apps (basically anything that deletes or uses resources, like glimmer). If they just removed the silly glimmer cost from equipping mods then we’d be set.

That's broadly correct - there's a little more to it, namely, we try to limit the usage for API calls that might have "liability" attached to them, actual or perceived. It's an ongoing conversation.