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Beloved Fikrul granted me crossbow before his final fight with Guardians, told me to never let it go and aim true. Three months ago, crossbow became more powerful- ended Guardians with one swift blow.

Now I am reading TWAB and see damaged reduced of snipers. This no fair, Guardians can throw giant purple sphere at my friends. They can even throw themselves in blue lightning, or use flame gun. Why are they not "adjusted"?

Please, this is my only weapon. I have been able to fend off all enemies, but I worry this will not last much longer.

Signed, Scorn Crossbow Raider

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about 2 months ago - /u/dmg04 - Direct link

Hey ScornCrossbowRaider,

I’ll see if I can get some developer commentary on this change. I understand it can be frustrating when your weapon gets a bit of an adjustment when you weren’t expecting it. Especially when it’s been a go-to for so long.

Very often, the sands of our sandbox shift change. What was once a powerhouse in PvE may be taking a break from the limelight after a few seasons of being overtuned (especially when compared to other weapons, or having the ability to one-shot guardians). Balance passes will come and go - maybe your favorite will rise once more.

Only time will tell!

(And before ANY of you take a screenshot of this and say OMG NEW WEAPON or OMG SUBCLASS 3.0 REVEAL - this is satire)