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I saw another thread posted by /u/HateJeong and I honestly have little to do in Destiny right now until Witch Queen so I decided to give it a go.

I lowered my light from 1362 to 1109 and queued. Once I matched, I swapped my gear back to my normal stuff (ghorn was the all-star here) and went to work.

A few times I loaded in on various encounters and they all looked like they'd been there for quite a while. Sometimes I got lucky and loaded in from the start and could get the ammo buff, etc.

I did my best to help all the New Lights get through it, stood around the rally flags and chests and gave/got lots of hugs.

While I really had a lot of fun it really made me wonder what Bungie was thinking. I watched the champions get Seventh Columns on these New Lights over and over, there's no way they were getting through this on their own without a lot of pain.

I highly suggest doing this instead of doing regular Dares if you have old gear/sunset gear to lower your power (halloween masks are 0 power). It does take a lot longer but you're helping out some blueberries and having some fun along the way.

To anyone that played with a ghorn spamming hunter offering lots of hugs, I hope you had a good time. :)

edit Since a few people asked. I used a halloween mask (0 power) and 3 sunset weapons (1100) power to lower me to 1109. I then queued, as soon as I matched I swapped back to my normal gear. Hope that helps.

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We've got some emails out to the team about this.

Cheers to all who are hopping in to help New Lights in need.