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One of the disadvantages of having a short season and the weekly raid rotator always resetting every season, is that the newer raids get less and less time in the rotation.

With a 12 week season and 5 raids, only the oldest 2 raids (Last Wish and Garden), are seen 3 times. DSC would have been week #13, but instead we only get to farm the raid twice this season.

Similar to Iron Banner getting a rep boost and a 3rd event starting next season, can the raids be adjusted the same? Maybe run the raids backwards next season, so that Kings Fall is 1st, followed by VotD and so on.

Because after all the spreadsheets and grinding and community input into the drops, the current 2%-5% rate is abysmal. It needs help, and not a single communication has been made after all the feedback on the drop rate.

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They’re listening.