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Since forever, Heart of Inmost Light is bugged in that it's extremely inconsistent. To get a 2n stack, the only combos that work are : Grenade then Melee or Barricade then Melee. Anything else and it will not give you a 2nd stack. This needs fixing to allow any "combo" of abilities in whichever order we please.
Proof from another guardian (starts at 20 sec, read his detailed comment under the video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXKpU3w4IQ&ab_channel=Fitzel

Also, since patch, dunemarchers do not proc their AoE lightning if you kill the target.
Proof from another player : https://streamable.com/sevcpy .

Those are 2 of my fav titan exotics, please fix.(I made a post on the official bungie help forums about this too. It has yet to be acknowledged by bungie.)

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We've passed along reports of Dunemarchers to the team - that's currently under investigation.

I'll follow up on Heart of Inmost Light to see if we've got a bug filed.

Thanks for posting for awareness. As a general note, please be sure to post any bugs or issues you find to the Help forums on Bungie.net! Helps our player support team get a sense for impact, bug frequency, and potentially even details that lead to faster fixes.

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