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Hello. I'm Jannerprince.

I'm an Agoraphobe; I haven't left my house in any major capacity in around a decade, and I have a lot of anxiety about people. I'm curious about you all, but you all kind of scare me as well. Feel fre to ask any questions you might have though, I figure it can't hurt to try and be a people person.

I've been curious for a while now, and thought I'd ask the community in an effort to reach out to people - what do you like about destiny? When is destiny at its best for you? What are your fondest memories?

I started playing Destiny when Destiny 2 was announced; I was initially very excited to play Destiny 1, but was disappointed when it was revealed that it wasn't coming to PC; I couldn't afford a console, and all I had was my desktop that could handle around mid spec games that I had been using to study for my degrees.

I usually play strategy games, but three people I had gotten to know around that time encouraged me to pick up Destiny 2; I wasn't sold originally after the disappointment of not being able to play D1, but my friends had posted a few of the ads to me featuring cayde and zavala, and it had gotten me excited to think about playing Blue Guys - Awoken as I now call them, and was excited to play the introfor the Beta. Man, I was hooked, and couldn't wait til launch day.

Launch day comes around, and I made myself a warlock; my two friends had decided to be a hunter and a titan respectively, and we played the whole of the campaign, got up to light and I was...Initially afraid of the idea of going into a raid. Like I said; I get very nervous around people, but my friends introduced me to another three of their friends and took me on board the leviathan.

A lot of people have a fair bit of dislike for that raid, but man...For the first time in a long time, I felt like I belonged. They sat through the entire raid with me, patiently encouraging me to get to grips with the mechanics, and before long I had all of my raid gear (still have my midnight coup). I think that's my favourite thing, and why I keep my fireteam open, you know? My friends spend very little time on destiny now, but I always ask them if they're coming back for the new raid - there's nothing like running in a pack, whether it be a strike, or a nightfall, or crucible or even gambit. That moment where you get killed and someone revives you, or runs with you in a raid and just talks to you while you're moving from instance to instance is the greatest feeling in the world.

I don't know what I'm hoping for from this post. I'm hoping that you share your stories and anecdotes. Your funniest wipes, or moments when destiny has made things just a little bit better for you on a crappy day.

Thank you Bungie, for helping someone with depression and anxiety feels like he belongs somewhere.

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I love how passionate players are about the game and hearing stories about how it helped their lives in some way!

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