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The problem is a system that forces people into the DOE.

Even now, after you set your light levels close to 1100 with low light level items(ex.FOTL mask) and enter the DOE, you can meet 5 New Lights who have been suffering from champions and boss enemy for an hour.

In Small D2 community in my country, Entering the DOE after downgrade their own light levels to help these New peoples has become a trend.

I also lowered my own light levels below 1100 and challenged DOE so I was able to meet many new players and returning players of 1 season level. but, unfortunately, some of them were tired of the continued death and turned off the game itself.

I'm very embarrassed by my awkward sentence because English is not my native language, but i think this is serious problem to New Lights and returning players so i posting it.

Please stop forcibly dragging players to DOE, or new contents.

Edit : Thank you for your hard work! In our country, this behavior (lowering the light level to join the new lights and helping them) is called a 'The Rescue'. The joining of new rescuers will certainly delight our country's rescuers. Also, the ongoing efforts of young wolves will certainly help new lights settle in D2!

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Appreciate the report. We have sent this issue over to the team to look into. Hopefully we can make new lights first interaction with the fantastic horse a more positive one.