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So I recently joined the United States Army and am currently in AIT. I really missed playing Destiny these last few months and when I got to AIT, got my phone back, all that good stuff, I wanted to get back into Destiny through Stadia.

While Stadia is available for mobile devices, buttons on the screen is a really bad controller. Pretty much unplayable beyond braindead activities like public events. So I made sure to keep my Xbox controller with me before turning in my personal bag. I didn't even know if it would work with my phone.

And it did. Very well, in fact. Paired via Bluetooth without any fuss or troubleshooting. I am a PC player so I played some strikes and Dares to get used to using a controller. I figured out my preferred sensitivity, and we were off to the races. A few weeks go by and it's mostly been Dares. I got caught up with Season 15. Did the Forerunner quest. And got to enjoy the Dawning.

But there was still one looming problem with my setup.


There is no WiFi in my barracks. I rely solely on data which is not very good. Good enough to run Destiny, but not good enough to see very clearly or have in-sync audio. As well as the occasional case of input lag.

Needless to say, I persevered. And today I decided to load up GoA... alone... as a hunter.

It was a unique experience to say the least. Playing Destiny 2 on my phone which was proped up to see the screen better, which did fall over while killing acolytes for engrams so that almost cost me the winning run. But after 4 damage phases, Phry'zhia was defeated and I collected my first ever Matador 64.

Thank the Light for Esoterickk so I could rip off his solo flawless hunter build.

Edit: I really appreciate the congratulations, but there are several people congratulating me for my dungeon clear. Just to clarify, Phry'zhia is the first boss, the Ogre, not the final boss.

Edit 2: Proof

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Love to see this kind of stuff. Congrats on your solo run!