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Content service

  • The Content Creation menu now displays the date of a map’s last publication.
  • The Content Creation menu now displays a tag when a map hasn’t been published and a tag when a map hasn’t been saved.
  • The Community maps list now shows when a map was last updated and displays a version number.


  • A “taper” attribute has been added to volumetric lights. The default value of 0 results in straight beams, the maximum value of 1 results in maximum taper where the beams converge into a point.
  • Tweaked the volumetric light implementation to improve its appearance.
  • The color property of volumetric lights now has a transparency slider that can be used to tweak the intensity of the light beams.
  • Fixed the “Row segments” parameter of volumetric lights which wasn’t working correctly.
  • The beams in a volumetric light are now centered correctly when using a gap value.
  • Fixed issue causing volumetric lights to sometimes not be rendered in certain view angles.
  • Volumetric lights are now positioned correctly into their bounding boxes.
  • Transparency sliders have also been added to the color pickers of decals, and billboards.