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Season 3, Matchmaking and Matches

  • Season 3 has started, a new Battlepass is available in the Shop.
  • For the next week the FFA Instagib queue has been replaced with FFA Hook Instagib which includes the hook ability and does not include the knockback weeball. It uses the regular FFA Instagib map pool, with the addition of the Wee-Bow Instagib maps Treehouse, Coastline, Stronghold and Egg-plant.
  • The skill ratings from the previous season have been kept.
  • The leaderboards have been reset for Season 3 (players will be placed on the leaderboard of a mode after completing 25 ranked matches). Season 2 leaderboards can now be viewed through the season dropdown in the Leaderboards screen.
  • Fixed a team balancing issue in situations of 6 or more players per team.


  • There is now a Hook pull ability which is present in the Quickplay FFA Hook Instagib queue and it can be enabled in custom matches. It is bound by default to X, the new Hook HUD element displays its keybind on the default HUD and custom HUDs have been updated to include it when the hook is enabled.
  • It’s now possible to disable knockback weeballs in Instagib modes with the lobby command game_knock_weeball: 0;


  • Smoothness-related fixes and improvements to the input system. Thanks to netborg for reporting the issue and assisting in testing.
  • The keyboard controls now use raw input (previously, only the mouse used raw input).


  • The Speed HUD element now works when spectating another player in a live match or in a server-side replay.
  • The Hint HUD element now displays a message in Time Trials indicating the restart run key (default F2). The Hint HUD element has an option to disable this function.

Time Trials

  • A team’s score is now the fastest time of any of its players and teams are now sorted correctly in the scoreboard. An FFA setup (each team = one player) should now be the preferred setup for time trials matches but teams are of course still supported.
  • The final placements are now correctly sorted by the fastest team times.
  • The match screen of a time trials match now shows each players best time


  • Increased the Custom Lobby and the in-game scoreboard’s player support from 16 to 24 players.
  • It’s now possible to save Custom Game definitions in the Custom Lobby, by using one of 10 available slots which create a game mode definition code that can be shared for other players to load. When in-game the tab scoreboard displays the name and partial code of the custom game definition that the match is running.
  • The Custom Lobby’s community maps list now includes a popularity filter to display the maps by the number of matches played.
  • The Custom Lobby’s community map search function now includes the option to search by author in addition to map name.
  • The Custom Lobby’s community maps list now has an option to minimize the official maps list.
  • Time Trials matches in the match list now display the physics type over the map’s preview thumbnail (without having to hover over the match).
  • There is now a maximum ping limit option in Custom Lobby and in Pickup matches.
  • While in a map the Match menu now displays the map id of the current map and includes a copy button, in order to be able to copy and then past the map id in the console so that it’s easier to look at a map in edit mode.
  • There is now an indicator for the copy button next to a match id in the Profile-Matches-Scoreboard page.
  • Custom Lobby appearance changes.


  • Updated the firing animation of the Void Cannon.
  • Fixed the sudden animation reset when holding the MacGuffin while crouched.


  • Added new firing sounds for the Void Cannon’s primary and secondary fire. Maps
  • In Wipeout, replaced Refinery with the version that was called Refinery WIP.
  • A new map called Waterworks has been added to the CTF pickup and custom game lists.
  • A Time Trials version of Waterworks has been added.
  • The CTF Time Trials maps now have the rocket launcher and the vindicator in easier to access locations relative to the spawn.
  • Collision fixes to Bioplant, Frozen Decay, Monolith, Outpost Dunia, Raya, Refinery (previously WIP). Thank you to SakiiR, Chamo, Sunshine Recorder, baksteen, Cabal Crow, ohurcool, Kozz-, mCztr for the reports.


  • There is now a /merge command which is capable of merging the contents of other maps into a master map (with the exception of the block materials). To use the Merge command add an entity called import “/add import” and set the map that you wish to import on that entity “/set import map my_cool_pillar”. The imported map can be moved by moving the import entity and using the merge command. Multiple copies of the same map or multiple different maps can be imported by creating additional import entities. In order to import a map it has to be in your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Diabotical\Maps folder (the folder where maps you create are saved to, it can be accessed with “/maps”).
  • The Merge feature can be used to save and load templates such as a pillar made out of multiple blocks, props, lights that you may want to place multiple of within your map and would take you some time to construct. It can also be a way for multiple people to work on the same map and later/periodically combine its parts, or use part of a map when creating a different map.
  • A block based limitation exists for the sake of alignment: when merging a map it’s not possible to move it in such a way that what was then in the center of a block is moved to the edge of a block, the relative positions of entities and blocks are kept as they were in the map being imported (while the import entity can be placed on any coordinates it will act as if it’s on the nearest multiple of 40 units, the edge length of a block).
  • This feature is not fully stable and may cause crashes, save your map before trying to merge.

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