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  • Implemented volumetric light objects into the editor. The new implementation is fairly light on performance. Volumetric objects can be set to type “rectangular grid” to create hexahedral beams of lights in a grid configuration. The parameters “Segments”, “Vertical segments”, “Gap” and “Vertical Gap” can tweak the appearance of the grid. This performs better than creating multiple objects for each beam, so this option should be used whenever appropriate. Volumetric objects can also be set to type “radial” to create radial configurations, in this case the “Segments” parameter determines the number of arc segments. Further options to tweak volumetric lights and general improvements to their appearance will come in future patches.
  • Billboards, when selected, now have a “Backface” setting in the Editpad Properties section to make them display on both sides of the billboard.
  • The editor now shows the technical name of the keyword that a property field changes when hovering said property field to aid in usage of the console or binding creation.
  • Added Billboard and Volumetric to the asset list.
  • Improved the coverage of inline documentation of property fields in the Editpad.

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  • The Community maps list will now only load the full list of maps when scrolling down (pagination).

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