7 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • Restored direct connection functionality in Custom Game (can be used to connect to a local game)
  • Some new translations have been added


  • The Blasta, Supa Blasta and Masta Blasta have been renamed to Blaster, Supa Blaster and Masta Blaster


  • There is a new generic pickup sound
  • There is now a sound when you pickup the health dropped by a player when they die
  • There is now a sound when the Dodge comes out of cooldown
  • There are now different item spawn sounds for hp, armor, weapon and ammo


  • When you drop your weapon you no longer always get the default ammo when you pick it back up, if it had the default ammo or less you get how much it had, if it had more than the default ammo you get the default ammo (recent unreported change)
  • In Wipeout after you throw your single Healing Weeble you are automatically switched to your previous weapon - there’s an issue at the moment if it had no ammo (recent unreported change)
  • The default lift jump momentum has been increased from 0.5 to 0.9
  • In Arena each player gets a Weeble after their first death, each round has one type of Weeble assigned in a non-repeating sequence


  • Some Medieval props have been added