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  • Projectile netcode has been tweaked to better represent the position of enemy projectiles. This change may appear to buff projectiles but no functional change has been enacted, projectiles are simply represented more accurately than before. Further incremental netcode improvements will follow soon.


  • Spectators can now see when spectated players are zooming.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Controls element to not update immediately when switching the player that’s being spectated.


  • A “Vertical scale” property has been added to the terrain entity properties that applies a vertical scaling factor to the terrain. This can be used to achieve higher terrains (currently requires the map to be saved and loaded again to see its effects).
  • The “Vertical offset” property is now accessible in the terrain entity properties screen on the editpad (currently requires the map to be saved and loaded again to see its effects).
  • Entities represented with icon boxes now correctly indicate their preselection state with a highlight effect.
  • The entities of type “camera”, “billboard”, “sound”, and “decal” entities now have corresponding colored icon boxes.
  • Some fields in the editpad now show an informational tooltip in the status bar when hovered. Tips will be added to more fields in the future.


  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers. -The Shop has been updated.

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