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  • Refinery WIP has been added to the Custom Games Wipeout map list for testing - this is a slightly smaller version of Refinery which is meant to replace the current Refinery.
  • Collision fixes to Amberfall, Huracan, and Toya Fortress. Thank you to Torzelan for the report.
  • Fixed a trigger issue in the Tutorial. Thank you to monke for the report.


  • Added Time Trials Audio options to set the type of sounds that players on enemy teams do (enemy sounds, team sounds, or muted), and to set the type of sounds that players on the same team do (team sounds, or muted). By default enemies and teammates now use team sounds.

Content service

  • In Custom Games there is now a Tutorial game mode. Community gameplay and mapping tutorials can now be uploaded through the Content Creation menu. For mapping tutorials it’s recommended for the map name to be the same as the map id so that players can more easily know the map id and /edit mapid through the console after downloading the map.
  • The Content Creation menu now displays more than 30 maps. Thank you to mysticaly for the report (released on March 20).


  • Fixed an issue where restarting a Time Trials run immediately after the start would restart the timer where you respawned (released on March 20).


  • Fixed the Battle Pass button in the Shop leading to an empty screen without a way to return, which was happening to Battle Pass owners. Thank you to Szkodnix for the report.
  • Replays are now displayed in pages to fix an issue where a high amount of replays would lead to an issue displaying them. Thank you to antikas for the report.
  • Fixed an issue where the match menu wouldn’t switch away after pressing the leave game and the associated crash (released on March 20).