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Halloween Survival

(Some of these fixes were released to the servers throughout the day.)

  • Fixed issue with a stairs prop’s geometry causing bots to not be able to traverse them.
  • Fixed some minor bot navigation issues. More improvements in this area are planned.
  • Implemented a more elastic flocking behavior so that bots don’t get stuck while going in different directions. More improvements in this area are planned.
  • Fixed issue causing bots not to be affected by knockback.
  • Tentative fix to a server hang related to AI.
  • Increased the number of bots in the first round.
  • Tweaked the health, damage and speed progression of bots.


  • When a match is found the taskbar icon no longer flashes if Diabotical is already in the foreground in order to prevent some issues in Exclusive Fullscreen.
  • The daily challenge countdown until new challenges are available is now updating live instead of after every match.
  • The appearance of the challenges list has been slightly modified.

-The Shop has been updated.

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