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  • Freeze Tag, the version with the spectating mechanic while frozen, has been renamed to Freeze Tag Classic.
  • A new mode called Freeze Tag has been added which includes the dodge mechanic while frozen.


  • The different melee skins now each have unique swing sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Diabotical powerup would not play music or play music very quietly for some players. Thank you to e r n y for the reproduction.
  • The degree of environmental occlusion that affects projectiles in travel is now correctly periodically recalculated as the projectiles change position.


  • Fixed the issue where a frozen player spectating a player would remain spectating that player even if that player became frozen. There is now an automatic spectating switch to an alive player in that situation. Thank you to Yakumo for the report.
  • Fixed the issue where a visual copy of a frozen player would be visible for that player at the origin of the map after that player was thawed. Thank you to Yakumo for the report.


  • Fixed missing map vote option (published earlier today).
  • Fixed a text overlap issue in the match list controls layout which occurred with some localizations. Thank you to Nykho for the report.

Masterserver and matches

  • Pause has been disabled in Ranked and Pickup matches.
  • Quick Play matches now count towards “playlist” challenge and achievement completion.


  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.

-The Shop has been updated.

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