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  • Client-side replays can now be recorded automatically by enabling the Client-side replays setting in Settings-More settings. The size of future client side replays will be reduced in an upcoming patch.
  • Current season battle pass owners are now able to record server side replays when hosting a custom lobby with the Record Server-side Replay setting turned on (Update: we will add the option for all battlepass-owning participants to download the replays, not just hosts, shortly). Server-side replays contain all player perspectives instead of just one. They are possible to download through the match page in the match history. As they involve being hosted on the servers they are only available for current season battle pass owners and only available for download for 14 days after the match. After being downloaded they remain accessible if they are in your replays folder. Server-side replays are currently in a testing stage as we fix possible issues and determine other possible types of matches where server-side replays can be recorded.
  • The Watch menu now has a larger button on the top bar and includes a Replays section.
  • The Replays section, lists downloaded server side replays and client side replays which can be watched. The player can be controlled with the on-screen controls or with the arrow keys with left arrow going back 5 seconds, right arrow going forward 5 seconds, down arrow pausing, up arrow playing, H hides the on-screen controls and seek bar, space switches player.
  • The Replays section includes buttons that open the respective folders for client and server side replays if you wish to share, rename, or delete them.

Winning maps from the mapping contest will be added to the official lists in the next few days.

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