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Mastersever and matches

  • Fixed an issue sometimes resulting in teams with uneven numbers of players.


  • Fixed issue causing crossbow projectiles to go through players, moving platforms/doors at point-blank range.
  • Fixed issue allowing spectators of a Duel match to type /gg in the console leading one of the players to concede.


  • Fixed issue in Freeze Tag causing ice cubes to become detached from frozen players after spectating one.


  • Fixed issue resulting in misaligned waypoint icons when changing the texture quality setting until the game was restarted.


  • The Shaft sound of teammates now sounds like the default theme as do the rest of the weapons.
  • Fixed a tutorial announcer line error.


  • When the Instagib setting is selected the name of a mode is now followed by “Instagib” in the matches list.
  • Fixed an issue in the maps list where maps were shown with different widths when filters were selected.
  • The maps list now has five columns instead of six and its width has increased.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements to the last update label in the community maps list.
  • Update time information is no longer shown for maps older than a week.


  • Fixed issue preventing thumbnails for maps to be generated upon saving a map if the destination directory contained internationalized characters.
  • Fixed issue preventing screenshots from being saved if the destination directory contained internationalized characters.


  • Collision fixes to Wellspring, Furnace, Refinery, Marina, and Sunken. -The Shop has been updated.