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Duel is a game mode played 1 versus 1 where the objective to win by securing the golden frag.

Golden frag status is given to the player who is in the lead when the match timer has ended. To secure the victory the player with golden frag status needs to secure 1 last frag. If both players are tied during golden frag status. Each player can secure the victory with 1 frag.

The initial time limit is set at 12 minutes but it shifts depending on the current standing of the player that gets the frag: If a player is tied or in the lead, a frag from them will decrease the time limit by 20 seconds, if a player is losing a frag from them will increase the time limit by 20 seconds.

Note: We might remove variable match timer, and instead change the time limit based off different players skill in match making. Example. Low skill 7 minute duels, mid skill 9 minutes, high skill 12 minutes.

Players spawn with 125 Health which ticks down to 100, a Melee, a Blaster and should then increase strength by picking up other items. There are weapon, health and armor pickups.

There are 2 Weebles of different types on maps, when you pickup a Weeble you keep that one until you die. When you throw it there’s a cooldown until you can throw it again, 45s for Implosion and Explosion, 30s for Smoke, 60s for Slow Field. After you die the Weeble that you had will respawn after 30s.

Weapons respawn time tbd - currently 9 seconds after being picked up in this mode. The Mega Health (100 Health) respawns 35 seconds Armors respawn 25 seconds after being picked up.

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