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  • Some weapon sounds can now be customized on a per-weapon basis in Settings-Weapons. A secondary variant theme is available for Shaft, PnCR, Crossbow, and Grenade Launcher.


  • Fixed the Freeze Tag match result not being displayed correctly on the game over screen, game report screen, and on the match history screens.


  • Dynamic props can now be rotated with the pitch rotation and roll rotation controls (default Up/Down, Home/End) in the same way as static props.
  • Rotation of dynamic props now respects the current angle snapping setting.


  • The Create Lobby button becomes an Open Lobby button if you have created a lobby (recent unreported change).
  • Fixed the highest rank not always being displayed correctly at the top of the Ranked card.


  • Fixed an infrequent crash happening at the start or end of games.
  • Regression: The video vignettes on the Play menu have been temporarily disabled again due to a memory leak in a 3rd party dependency (change pushed earlier today).