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Content service

  • Fixed issue where community map thumbnails were not shown in the Play menu and server list.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to create maps for TDM Classic and Duel Classic in the Content Creation menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the map author names to not show up in the community maps list.
  • Improved the readability of community map names on the list in the custom lobby.


  • In Freeze Tag weapon pickups now only bring your ammo up to the spawning amount, ammo pickups work as they used to.
  • There is now an instant weapon switch option in Lobby’s more settings. Selecting Race and Vintage physics automatically selects that option (can be deselected after if desired).
  • TDM’s mercy limit has been reduced from 50 frags of difference to 35.

Visual changes

  • In Freeze Tag, frozen players are now represented by an eggbot-enveloping ice cube.
  • In Freeze Tag, the size of the indicator above frozen players has been reduced.


  • Fixed a minor memory leak in Extinction.


  • Some collision fixes to Zen, Halloween 2020 Survival map, and blocked a spot that was possible to stand on above blue armor in Skybreak.

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