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Masterserver and matches

  • Masterserver stability fixes. Stability
  • Tentative fix provided by Coherent happening in Gameface (HTML UI engine that we use in the menu) to a crash that can happen when loading a map or finishing a game.

Content service

  • Fixed issue causing community maps to be downloaded twice.
  • The map download screen now shows total download progress.


  • Inventory reset actions (as in some Race maps) now affect the relevant players instead of affecting everyone on a server.
  • When there is an inventory reset the current weapon is now automatically switched to Melee.
  • The position of moving objects like lifts, doors and other moving props is now reset when a game or round starts.


  • Collision fix to Icefall regarding an issue affecting the lift jump.
  • Collision fixes to Furnace.


  • Updated translations.

-The Shop has been updated.

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