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Season 4

  • The Season 4 Battlepass is now available.
  • Skill ratings from Season 3 have been preserved, showing up on a leaderboard requires 25 matches played in the specific leaderboard mode.
  • Aim Arena 2v2, Wipeout 4v4, TDM 2v2 have been removed from the ranked search function.
  • Leaderboards for Aim Arena 2v2 and TDM 2v2 have been removed (Wipeout leaderboards remain which are based on Pickup matches).
  • TDM 2v2 has been added as a Pickup option.

Tournament system

  • An in-game tournament system is now available in the Play menu in a beta stage. It’s possible to participate in official tournaments which feature coin rewards and are visible to the public in the upcoming tournaments list, and it’s possible to create and participate in private tournaments which are not visible to the public.
  • The system is currently limited to Best-of-1 matches with map voting like in ranked matches and single or double elimination brackets.
  • The upcoming tournaments list will also feature information about some upcoming tournaments organized outside of the game. Gameplay
  • In Wipeout there is now 1 second of invulnerability after spawning, which is indicated visually by a white overlay effect on the players in 3rd person and on the weapon in 1st person.


  • The new HUD element Last Standing Timer displays the time until the next teammate respawns for the last player alive on a team (included in the default HUD).
  • The new HUD element Race Splits lists a player’s best and current Time Trials splits during a match if the map includes split triggers (included in the default HUD).
  • The new HUD element Race Splits Notifications displays a player’s last split time for a short time after triggering a split (included in the default HUD).
  • The Survival Shop’s appearance has been changed and may perform better when switching to and away from it.


  • New firing sound options have been added to the Machinegun, Blaster, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Shaft, and PnCR.


  • Several logic actions, triggers and related properties have been added, including Time Trials splits, ability to give or remove a specific weapon with a trigger, setting self damage on a map or part of a map in Time Trials, setting unlimited ammo on a map or part of a map in Time Trials and several others, a list with details can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SSAxwYUvJUwhh8saDv3wOFXveCUpkxrSE3_BzubI854/edit they are also present in the properties tab of the editpad when selecting a logic entity, together with some descriptions. Note that they are still being worked on and may have some problems.
  • New logic triggers: on_area_captured, on_coin_count, on_entity_spawned, on_entity_exited, on_entity_enter_exit, on_entity_meleed, on_player_deals_damage, on_player_frag, on_player_frag_streak, on_player_disconnect, on_warmup_start, on_warmup_end, on_game_start, on_round_start, on_round_end
  • New logic actions: add_player_tag, add_unique_player_tag, add_default_player_tags, remove_player_tag, swap_player_tags, clear_player_tags, reset_splits, disable_logic_entity, enable_logic_entity, toggle_logic_entity_enabled, display_text, damage_area, damage_player, heal_area, heal_player, teleport_player, push_players_outside_trigger, kill_player, freeze_player, give_armor, give_weapon, give_weeball, give_haste, give_diabotical, give_siphonator, give_vanguard, give_vindicator, give_coins, remove_weapon, remove_powerups, clear_inventory, modify_score, finish_game, play_local_sound, trigger_logic_group, add_to_logic_group, remove_from_logic_group, start_countdown, set_self_damage, set_unlimited_ammo, set_physics, set_shooting_enabled, set_life_count, set_max_hp, set_max_armor, reset_physics, reset_max_hp, reset_max_armor
  • Trigger entities can now be attributed actions to avoid having to connect a logic entity with on_entity_entered to a volume trigger
  • Triggers can now have the action display_split in order to be used as splits/time checkpoints in Time Trials together with the Race Splits HUD element. The entity can be found in the editpad assets list by searching for trigger_split.
  • By default split triggers can be activated in any order a single time, it’s also possible to pair multiple triggers so that hitting a trigger won’t result in a split if a paired trigger was hit before, with the property checkpoint_order [value]. It’s also possible to allow triggers to be triggered multiple times with allow_retrigger true.
  • The start trigger by default can no longer be triggered without a restart (F2) in order to avoid unintended loops after reaching the finish line.
  • The start trigger can have the property start_timer_loop true instead of start_timer in order to be loopable.
  • There is now a visual indicator when rotating an entity.
  • It’s now possible to bind keys to continually translate/move an entity by holding a key instead of the regular tapping.
  • There is now an indicator in the editpad of your current position and angle.
  • There is now a notice in the editpad when a command is changed.
  • It is now possible to create named groups of entities in order to more easily manage entities related to each other. Selecting a group of entities and typing /group [group_name] will add them to the same group, selecting one of those entities will select all. Typing /list_groups will list all existing groups (also present in the groups editpad tab). Typing /instance_group [group_name] will create a new instance of a group, a button is also present in the groups editpad tab including the option to paste them on your location or of the cursor. Selecting a prop while having a group selected and typing /group will add that prop to the group and to other instances of the group, /ungroup will remove it. Hold shift to select a specific prop inside a group (purple outline).
  • There are now multiple rotation modes (/editor_rotation_mode) which can be toggled with the bind Ctrl+R, by default props are rotated along their own pivot (0), when multiple are selected it’s possible to rotate them along a central point based on their position (1), when multiple are selected it’s possible to rotate them relative to the last selected prop’s pivot (2).
  • It’s now possible to hold shift and drag your mouse cursor to create a 2d selection box that selects multiple entities within the box. Customization commands: /editor_area_selection_distance [distance in units], /editor_area_selection_hover 0 1


  • The Time Trials maps now have triggers for race split times.
  • Temple Escape’s level select teleporters now have triggers that reset a current run’s time instead of finish lines.
  • RWC now has a trigger that provides the Grenade Launcher for it to be available more reliably.
  • Collision fixes to Arcol and Toya Fortress.


  • To address persistent connectivity issues in our Chicago location we have replaced the hardware as recommended by our provider.

New variables

  • Some new variables have been created which can be used to modify game modes in custom lobbies:
  • game_minimum_respawn_time_ms and game_maximum_respawn_time_ms now affects wipeout and survival.
  • Added server variable game_respawn_time_increment_per_death_ms 0->200000
  • Added server variable game_lifesteal_amount_when_last_alive 0->10
  • Allows the server to give your these weeballs, does not affect maps with these weeballs on the map:
  • Added server variable game_allow_implosive_weeball 0 1
  • Added server variable game_allow_slowfield_weeball 0 1
  • Added server variable game_allow_explosive_weeball 0 1
  • Added server variable game_allow_smoke_weeball 0 1
  • Added server variable game_allow_knock_weeball 0 1
  • Added server variable game_give_weeball_on_spawn 0 1 2 (Off, On, On after first death)
  • Added server variable game_enable_weeballs 0 1 2 (Off, based on round, random)
  • Added server variable game_unlimited_weeballs 0 1 (Makes it so you still have access to your weeball after you use it, a cooldown starts)
  • Added server variable game_powerup_health 0->1000 (Health gain on picking up a powerup)
  • Added server variable game_powerup_armor 0->1000 (Armor gain on picking up a powerup)
  • Added server variable game_gain_score_on_kill 0 1
  • Added server variable game_respawn_time_type 0->7
  • Player respawn time type, 0 = Default (It’s game_maximum_respawn_time_ms), 1 = Always 100ms, 2 = Wipeout (Increases based on amount of deaths you have), 3 = Increases based on amount deaths on your team, 4 = CTF (Longer respawn the closer to your base you are), 5 = Extinction, 6 = Old Macguffin, 7 = Survival (Increases based on amount of deaths you have)
  • Added server variable game_drop_powerup_on_death 0 1
  • Added server variable game_powerup_first_spawn_time 0->99999
  • Added server variable game_powerup_time_cycle 0 1
  • Added server variable game_powerup_time_between_spawns 0->999999
  • Added server variable game_allow_concede 0 1
  • Added server variable game_hud_show_team_alive_count 0 1
  • Added server variable game_hud_duel 0 1