8 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • The thumbnails for various maps have been added and updated
  • In the friends list there are now 2 types of invite buttons, one to invite someone to the lobby and one to invite someone to the party, blue is lobby, orange is party but when you hover over them there will be a tooltip saying so
  • In Custom Game as the host you can now make someone else the host or remove them by right clicking on the person and selecting the option
  • When you are in a Custom Game there is now a lobby button on the bottom bar visible in all menus, which you can click to go the Custom Game screen immediately
  • When you are the Party leader you can right click someone’s avatar at the bottom to make them the Party leader or remove them from the Party, and as a Party member you can right click yourself and select the option to leave the Party
  • In the Editing controls, the Flatten Terrain tool and the Smooth terrain tool are no longer swapped

Visual changes

  • The connection between the Crossbow and the Eggbot shoulder has changed
  • The connection between the Blasta and the Eggbot shoulder has changed
  • The Grenade Launcher’s grenades are now visible at long ranges


  • ctf_cathedral_wip has some new stained glass windows and other decorations
  • duel_bioplant’s collision has been updated but in the process an angle grinder’s disk flew off and broke a monitor - worry not, the previously mentioned changes to the connection between weapons and Eggbot shoulders are unrelated to this incident


  • The grass_patch props’ textures have been updated