3 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • The Dodge ready sound has been removed - it was thought to be annoying over time
  • The default PnCR firing sounds have been altered to better fit the firing-recharge animation
  • The Crossbow’s firing sounds have been updated

Visual changes

  • The first person Dodge animations of your current weapon are back and now behave differently for each of the 8 Dodge directions
  • The Grenade Launcher ammo pickup now has a working hologram after being picked up
  • The texture of the Machine Gun ammo and Grenade Launcher ammo has been modified


  • duel_facility_wip_col has been added (version of duel_facility_wip with updated collision)
  • ctf_waterworks_wip_col has been updated


  • Editpad category colors are back for decals, materials, gameplay entities, props and dynamic props
  • In the Editpad’s Add menu the name of an entity/material is now displayed at the top when you hover over one
  • Some medieval props have been added
  • A rotator blade prop has been modified to have longer platforms which will be used on ctf_waterworks’s central rotating platforms (the collision of the prop isn’t done yet)


  • There has been a backend modification to the server joining process and at the moment there’s an issue preventing the leave match button from disconnecting you correctly when clicked