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  • The Mods menu now has a scrollbar and a smaller Apply button
  • Some Japanese translations have been added


  • The Ally Score and Enemy Score elements now have a background opacity for the player names in 1v1 modes (recent unreported change)
  • The Weapons list now has an ammo separator distance option
  • The Pickup Notice element now has background color and width options
  • The Dodge now has an icon opacity option for when inactive
  • In the HUD editor the list of available elements at the top can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel, can be scrolled to the end by double clicking an arrow button, and scrolling through element is now smoothly animated instead of skipping through in steps -The Reset HUD button now includes the Dodge, Item and Powerup elements


  • In the Settings-Mods menu there are now 2 choices of hurt/pain sounds - for the moment do not select the default option or you will lose the pain sounds, to get the default option leave both options unchecked, if you do select the default option then to get them back I recommend either selecting the alpha option or selecting none and then restart the game

Visual changes

  • The glitchy smudges visible in the distant fog have been fixed


  • Some medieval props and textures have been modified
  • The global shadow color option is now displayed in the editpad’s Map menu

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