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Masterserver and matches

  • Disabled continuous matches due to an issue with players loading the next map
  • Disabled match refill (when a player left) due to an issue with multiple players taking up the same slot
  • Minimized the occurrences of the Map Vote screen locking the game
  • Improved the stability of masterserver connections
  • Fixed party queues not working
  • Fixed an issue with variables set in edit mode staying in a match


  • Disabled the ability to join an already full team
  • Made the yaw and pitch preset transfer to the custom weapon settings
  • Added some new Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Russian translations
  • Fixed the final scoreboard not working in Custom Game matches when there were teams without a player at the start
  • Changed the default values Custom Games to match the Quickplay settings


  • Fixed not being able to add elements to a new group until it had a pivot set

Visual changes

  • Introduced a fix to some invisible player situations


  • Fixed spiraling mouse acceleration issue
  • Added support for the mouse wheel to be used as a jump key


  • Reduced the Quickplay time limit of Wee-Bow Instagib from 8 minutes to 7 minutes
  • The Blaster’s damage was reduced from 15 damage below 280 units of distance, to always 10 damage
  • The Super Blaster’s damage was reduced from 20 damage below 280 units of distance, to always 15 damage
  • The Shaft’s range was increased from 750 units to 760 units
  • The Rocket Launcher’s splash radius was increased from 114 units to 119 units
  • The Rocket Launcher’s air knockback was increased from 90 to 95


  • Numerous parking violations have been identified and dealt with in all maps Arena Junktion
    • Fixed hole in the ceiling in the fourth arena Heikam
    • Fixed stuckspot behind a monitor in the second arena
    • Fixed several out of bounds spots in the first arena
    • Fixed missing weapon collision on railings in the third arena Barrows Gate
    • Fixed several stuckspots in the first arena

Wipeout Wellspring - Fixed several out of bounds stuckspots on the outskirts of the map Refinery - Fixed several stuckspots on the rockwalls around the map - Fixed several stuckspots around the main pipe - Increased the size of the trigger activating the door in the top level floor

Weebow Coastline - Fixed stuckspots behind some of the palmtrees

Practice - Fixed a way to get stuck using the lift -Fixed the collision of various props

Map editor

  • Added various new props