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Custom Lobby MODE: CTF 5V5

Capture The Flag is a game mode played between 2 teams of 5 players each where the objective is to capture the enemy flag more than times than the enemy captures your flag within the 16 minute time limit or be the first team to reach the capture limit of 5.

There is no friendly fire, but there is self-damage in this mode.

There are 2 Defenders, whose task is to prevent the flag from being captured, There is 1 Midfield player, whose task is to prevent enemies from entering your base, prevent enemies from leaving your base with your flag and assist allies going to the enemy base and returning to your base There are 2 Attackers, whose task is to take the enemy flag and bring it back to your base.

Players spawn with 125 Health which ticks down to 100, a Melee, and a Machine Gun. There are weapon, Weeball, health, armor and power-up items.

Weapons respawn 2 seconds after being picked up. The respawn time of players depends on the location of their death relative to the enemy flag point/base, the closer that players are to the enemy base, the faster that they will respawn.

– Design by James