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  • It’s now possible to search maps in the Community map list.
  • It’s now possible to order maps in the Community map list according to the most recently published, earliest published, highest rated, and alphabetical order.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Games where a community map would stay selected when changing mode.


  • Default weapon respawn times in Time Trials are now 1 second instead of 9 seconds. In order to prevent spawn delays and prevent issues when playing a map in multiplayer, especially since pickups don’t work for each player separately yet.


  • Fixed an issue causing client-side replays recorded with multithreaded input enabled to become corrupt.
  • Client-side replays are now only committed to disk after the game is over to avoid stutters. Note: Client-side replays are currently only usable through the console commands /record [name of replay], /play [name of replay] and /stop. They are stored in %APPDATA%/Diabotical/Replays. UI features related to replays are coming soon.


  • Some brown vine/root props have been added, search for brown vine in the editpad.
  • It’s now possible to set the property “reset” to true on a teleport target entity in order to reset the Dodge cooldown, double-jump and multi-jump when that target is reached. This can be used in Time Trials maps in order to reset player conditions when using teleport checkpoints.


  • Foundry, RWC, Temple Escape, Ukiyo, and Zen’s checkpoints now use the Dodge cooldown, double-jump and multi-jump reset property.