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Masterserver and matches

  • There are now conditions that keep the warmup happening for unlimited time until there is a sufficient amount of players to start the game with, which depends on the mode, player count and custom game settings, then the warmup time limit starts and players can ready up to start the match or the match will start once the warmup time limit ends (if a player leaves after the warmup time limit starts and there aren’t enough players yet, the warmup time will go back to infinite until more join)
  • The masterserver is now faster to detect changes and situations where an extra player would be brought in and create a 6v5 are now rarer (still needs a complete fix)


  • Fixed the Dubai server name in the map intro screen appearing for servers that weren’t Dubai
  • Fixed the flag next to the Dallas server being the UAE
  • Removed incoming/outgoing friends from the friends list (note that it was only possible to accept or add friends through the Epic Games Launcher before already)
  • Updated the Russian and Japanese translations
  • The party box now indicates when a party member is in a game


  • Fixed the HP bar color in spectator mode not showing up
  • Fixed the order of players in the scoreboard to show the leader on top


  • Fixed the 3 eyes. 3 mouths, sweat drop that didn’t have thumbnails and weren’t working
  • Added 11 hair stickers


  • Arena 1v1’s score limit changed from 3 to 4 rounds
  • Arena 2v2’s score limit changed from 3 to 4 and then to 5 rounds
  • Wee-bow Instagib’s time limit changed from 5 to 6 minutes
  • Fixed not getting the default weapon pickup ammo when you frag someone and grab their weapon
  • Dropping weapon has been disabled (it will be possible in some other modes in the future)
  • The Blue and Yellow Armors can no longer be grabbed if you have 150 or more armor, you will not be able to interact with them until you have less than 150 armor
  • Fixed issue with the Blue and Yellow armors not respawning when picked up by a player that had 150 or more armor
  • ~~Fixed the Crossbow causing 2 instances of damage on some angles (this will still happen with bots but not with players)~~ (might have fixed some circumstances but it’s still occurring, verifying some things)
  • Unspecified mysterious weapon balance changes of mystery (sorry if this is annoying, they will be mentioned after the weekend)


  • The line Egg Hunt no longer plays for the team being hunted (that was just reduced to their last player)


  • Fixed multiple collision issues
  • In Bioplant there is now a small bridge from the Super Blaster to the 50hp pickup above the Yellow Armor, 4 Armor Shards were added to the corridor that goes from PnCR to above Red Armor
  • In Outpost Dunia the teleporter in the Mega room has been removed, the teleporter in the Red Room now takes you to the top of the red room, the jumppad in the Red Room is now an elevator, the Yellow Armor is now a Blue Armor (2 on the map), the Explosion Weeball is now where the teleporter exit in the Red Room used to be - and now at at about 12:00 UTC these changes have been reverted back if you are only reading this now
  • In Frontier the PnCR has been replaced with the Crossbow
  • In the Duel and Brawl maps the 5, 25 and 50 hp pickups are now all set to 20s respawn time (previously some were 30s unintentionally)

Map editor

  • The armor and health pickups now all have the correct default times and when they are added through the editpad there isn’t an extra time setting - if you have been making a map and added these entities, I recommend pasting /multi /deselect; /find hpt*; /find armort*; /forsel set %1 time; /deselect; /save in order to reset those entities to their default pickup time (20s for 5, 25, 50 hp; 35s for 100hp (megahealth); 25 for all armors) -The entities mentioned in the map editing documentation https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/comments/fb2lb5/map_editing_information/ like jumppad, teleport, tpexit, can now be added directly through the editpad by searching for them (without a console command for that part)


  • Some commands such as /name have been removed, all of them share a common point which is that they can be used in unintended ways at the moment and lead to abuse. With regards to /name specifically players now always use their Epic Games display names (except for some issues in-game with some characters not appearing) which can be changed every 2 weeks. Perhaps in the future there will be a different name solution but players and the development team would have to have a way to keep track of them to prevent problems that could come from name changes

-Unfortunately the RAM leak issue has not been solved yet

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