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Masterserver and matches

  • Players can now queue for ranked games or join pickups while in a Quick Play FFA-type match.
  • Custom lobbies have a new option under “More Settings” to enable players to queue and join pickups while in the game. The hover info box for the match in the match list shows whether a custom game has this option enabled or not.
  • Fixed an issue causing stats from Quick Play matches to not be registered.
  • The missing Quick Play stats from the period when they weren’t being registered have been retroactively integrated.


  • Typing /gg to concede in the console now also works in Duel Classic as it does in Duel.
  • Fixed a regression introduced during a recent fix causing other players to not hear bells when you make them ring with a melee hit.


  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.


  • Skybreak’s thumbnail has been updated.

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