6 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • Some decals have been added to the customization, search for eye 48, eye 49, mouth 28, butterflys, fish decal, snake_decal
  • Added Drop weapon bind to the Settings→Controls→Gameplay


  • New PnCR low ammo firing sounds for each of the 3 charge tiers

Visual changes

  • Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Weeble and Weapon 9 explosions are now visible at long ranges


  • It’s now possible to drop weapons (including some weapons that you’re not intended to be able to drop)


  • duel_bioplant has been replaced by the an updated duel_bioplant_wip version
  • In ctf_dojo_wip a line of sight break has been removed from the bases so that enemy flag carriers have a harder time escaping
  • ctf_waterworks_wip’s upper tunnels that lead to the middle have been updated


  • The exo_pipe prop’s textures have been updated