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  • In Play->Custom Games there is now a non-functional server browser mockup
  • The CTF, TDM, Brawl, Wipeout, Instagib and Time Trials map thumbnails have been updated


  • Fixed a crash involving certain characters set as the border radius value
  • The number of hud_definition characters allowed has increased
  • In the Advanced CSS there’s now support for the different border- properties
  • The Weapons list and the Current Ammo elements now have an advanced button
  • The Weapons list and the Powerup element now have a shadow option
  • The animation of the Dodge, Item and Powerup elements has been improved


  • Some adjustments to the Weebles’ weeeeeeeee sounds

Visual changes

  • Decals on the environment are no longer projected on top of the shield, weebles and the editpad
  • Decals on eggbots are no longer projected on top of the shield, weebles, the editpad and weapons
  • Customization decals are now only visible on top of the Eggbot shell (colored part of the egg) - if you had decals outside of this area those decals will now be partially or fully invisible


  • wo_prb_04_wip has been updated, many of these changes happened during promEUs’ most recent stream
  • duel_facility_wip_col’s collision has been updated
  • The position of the eggbot during the player showcase that happens before the Play Of The Game has been adjusted in CTF, TDM and other maps
  • ctf_cathedral_wip has been updated with some fixes to props that had been modified and a collision issue on the gateway at the back of the base
  • ig_stronghold has been updated with some more fixes to props that had been modified


  • There’s now support to remove the shadows of a prop by selecting it and typing /forsel set %1 skip_shadows true
  • There are now ambient sound entities for the cogs: ambience_cogs_slow and ambience_cogs_medium


  • There is now an API request handler

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