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_ _ Interface

  • In text fields: added support for ctrl+shift+arrows and ctrl+arrows caret navigation shortcuts
  • In Custom Game: the visibility selector is now working correctly again and the selection is being saved across game restarts
  • Fixed an issue where utility commands /homedir, /gamedir, /log would cause a crash


  • The recharge sound (part of the firing sound after the shot itself) of the PnCR alpha mod has been modified
  • The mixing of the PnCR alpha mod has been modified
  • The Dodge ready sound has been reenabled

Visual changes

  • In preparation for some new animations the Dodge animation that lowers the weapon is not currently working


  • By default the Dodge now works by holding down the button when coming into contact with the floor if you want to queue the Dodge as it was before you can paste this in the console /multi /phy_bolt_pre_activation_window changed 0.2; /phy_bolt_post_deactivation_window changed 0.1


  • ctf_waterworks_wip_col’s collision has been updated
  • duel_gx_01’s middle walls have been pulled in a bit to reduce its openness; there is now a Super Shotgun on the map, located at the bottom of the Yellow Room where a spawn used to be; some texturing fixes


  • Some medieval props have been added


  • The crash reporting tool has been changed to BugSplat

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Design: James Harding

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Engine Programmer: FireFrog

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UI & DB programmer: noctis

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Level Designer: promEUs

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