12 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • Further improved the reliability of hitscan registration under package loss conditions


  • Improved the splash damage detection on stairs in all Wipeout maps and their Brawl versions, TDM/Extinction maps, Macguffin maps, Duel maps and Aim Arena maps


  • Fixed an issue with players not dying when falling out of the map
  • Time Trials can now be played while having empty teams in a lobby (no longer requires the Team Count setting to be set to 1 in order to be playable and not end immediately, when starting a public multiplayer match, team count 1 is recommended for all players to be on one team)
  • Fixed and returned /gg as a forfeit console command when playing Duel

Masterserver and matches

  • Lowered the minimum number of players required for FFA game modes to start to 4
  • Matchmaking tweaks to help low ranked players find games faster


  • Fixed the Learn menu’s Weeball list not being displayed and the Healing Weeball icon being incorrect in the starting weapons of the Learn menu’s Wipeout section
  • Fixed an issue displaying Commends
  • Added a notification for when you are Commended