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  • A non-functional html mockup of the Create menu has been added - this will be a way to access the map editor in the future
  • a_enclosure_wip_003 is now available in the Custom Games’ Arena map list


  • It is now possible to resize HUD elements with width and height fields in the HUD editor by selecting them, holding Shift+an arrow key to resize them in 1 unit increments, and holding Shift+Control+an arrow key to resize them in 0.1 unit increments
  • Restored aspect ratio functionality
  • The default font of the G-Meter’s throttle option has changed to Roboto-Bold

Visual changes

  • The size of Yellow and Red armors has been reduced and they now have holes which make the armor core visible from the front, in order to make them more distinguishable from eggbots - there is an issue at the moment with the Blue armor shell not being visible



  • The outlines around props have returned which make it easier to tell what’s being selected and where a prop really is
  • Thumbnails for some medieval props, the medina props and medina textures have been added
  • Smokestack, cloud and skyfade props now have the noclip property on by default when they are added

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