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Masterserver and matches

  • Fixed issue with clan arena and wipe-out games sometimes getting stuck not progressing when people leave at the end
  • Fixed issue with duel placement being incorrectly recorded when a winning player leaves the game
  • Fixed crash that happened sometimes after being denied access to a game due to having an outdated map version
  • There are now rank up animations
  • Security improvements


  • There is now a leaderboards button
  • The Competitive menu has been unlocked, Duel is now available as a queueable mode
  • Fixed game not activating Exclusive Fullscreen mode when it launches while in the background and the user comes into the game through the taskbar button
  • Fixed game not activating Exclusive Fullscreen mode sometimes when alt-tabbing in after having alt-tabbed out
  • Fixed mouse cursor snapping back into the Diabotical window when trying to get out
  • Fixed mouse cursor being confined to the center of the screen when Diabotical finishes loading a map in the background
  • Fixed not being able to disable Camera bob in Settings-More settings


  • The Current Ammo HUD element now has an option to have a different color when low ammo is reached. In order for this to be used for multiple weapons with different max ammo values, the threshold is set via a <=multiplier (less than or equal to), 0.2 will mean that when the ammo is at less or equal to 20% of the max ammo it will change color to the low ammo color selected (the Blaster’s max ammo is 150, with 0.2 on the multiplier once the ammo reaches 30 it will turn into the low ammor color)
  • In addition to Inline, there are now 2 more options for the Health and Armor bars to fill, Transverse which will decrease the fill height of each bar segment and Fade which will fade the color of each bar segment
  • The icons for player stocks/lives in Arena, now remain visible when a player dies

Visual changes

  • The Eggbot now stays more inside the hitbox than previously when leaning forward, backward, sideways


  • Fixed the Super Blaster’s respawn time being 14 seconds incorrectly, it is now 9 seconds like other weapons


  • Fixed mouse movement stuttering while spectating
  • Fixed shaft incorrectly lagging behind in spectating mode


  • Wellspring’s collision has been updated
  • F1sk’s House has been modified, the Mega is now on the level below its previous position, the Shaft has been moved to where the PnCR was, the PnCR has been removed, the Blue upper hallway’s Rocket Launcher has been moved to where the Shaft used to be near Blue, a Machinegun has been added to that Rocket Launcher’s previous position, the wide gears in the middle of the Mega room have been removed, the Mega teleporter now leads to the end of the hallway that goes from Yellow to the Mega room, the Blue hallway to Mega jumppad is now vertical instead of slightly diagonal

Map editor

  • The collision of many Medina props has been improved

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