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  • In Custom Game the player positions are now correct for everyone and the invite screen has been changed


  • A pickup notice for the Knockback Weeble has been added
  • The previous fixes to the final scoreboard/game report had some problems, it is now working again


  • Some more changes to the volume of 2d and 3d sounds including louder pain sounds, louder jumppad sounds, lower Diabotical powerup music
  • Fixed the Supa Blasta and Masta Blasta pickup sounds not playing


  • The Maximum respawn time in CTF has been decreased from 6 to 4 seconds (recent unreported change)
  • The Dodge no longer gives you 0.5 seconds of extra acceleration for your next strafejump after being used


  • ctf_cathedral_wip’s collision has been updated
  • ctf_dojo_wip’s collision has been updated
  • The example map has been updated (recent unreported change)


  • Fixed performance issue when the Diabotical powerup music enters listening range


  • Some tree props have been fixed and versions with animated leaves have been added, search for nature/trees/tree

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