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Season 5

  • Season 5 has now started and a new Battlepass is available, this time it’s free, as it has been a while since the last season and in order to celebrate the second anniversary of Diabotical’s release. You can go to the Shop and buy it for 0 coins to be able to unlock all of the rewards and be able to download server replays during the current season.
  • Skill ratings from Season 4 have been preserved, showing up on a leaderboard requires 25 matches played in the specific leaderboard mode.


  • Fixed issues with penetrating shots and consecutive damage: In friendly-fire modes (ie. TDM) hitting any teammate, or not hitting any enemies, will both reset consecutive damage. In non-friendly-fire modes (ie. Wipeout) consecutive damage only resets if no enemies are hit.
  • Fixed an issue in Freeze Tag where a penetrating shot that scores a point caused the last fragged player to respawn frozen.
  • The Rocket Launcher’s secondary fire has been removed and the Grenade Launcher has been readded as a separate weapon in combat modes.
  • The Grenade Launcher and the Void Cannon now have separate keybinds (Settings-Controls-Weapons).
  • In Wipeout the Rocket Launcher’s ammo has been reduced from 50 to 40, the PnCR’s ammo from 50 to 35, and players now have a separate Grenade Launcher weapon with 7 ammo.
  • Fixed issue causing game spawns to be influenced by player positions in warmup.
  • Fix for secondary fire key state becoming stuck in warmup.
  • Fixing issue that allowed the player to initiate a weapon switch to the Healing Weeball without one available.
  • Fixed crouching not reducing the players hitbox contact area.

Time Trials

  • Added variable ‘game_race_nodraw_distance’ (default 160) which can be changed freely. Any players within this range of you (playing or spectating) are hidden.


  • The eggbot “hurt” and “shield broken” sounds now move with the player.
  • In-match muting of another player is now persistent across matches and game sessions.

Visual Changes

  • Fixed an issue where a player who dies with Invulnerability could respawn with the white visual effect still displaying.
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrong animation to be played when a player moved back-right while crouched.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Dodge animations and sounds to play while spectating if the spectator died while holding the dodge keybind.
  • Improved the ability to place small stickers where they would previously become invisible.
  • Improved text rendering for damage numbers, player names, and indicators.
  • Fixed the vertical offset of Macguffin’s glowing effect when thrown.


  • Fix for the “low ammo” HUD element not appearing in-game under certain conditions. Thanks to xX_Sohm_Xx for the report.
  • Fix scoreboard entries for spectators and connecting players being rendered with a large gap below player names in FFA game modes.
  • Added the ‘Controls’ element to the default spectator HUD.
  • New communication ping functionality: when a teleporter entrance is pinged, the corresponding exit is also pinged.


  • Fixed an issue where the match abandonment state would not trigger if a player quits the game during the map vote (the fix has been in effect but unannounced before this patch release).
  • Fixed an issue where forfeiting a tournament match after it was already confirmed by both parties would not correctly cancel the map vote (the fix has been in effect but unannounced before this patch release).
  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting to a match would place the player into spectating mode instead of the correct team on servers with team switching disabled (the fix has been in effect but unannounced before this patch release).
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from being directed to starting pickup matches while attempting to join a warmup match, causing the pickup match to not be properly set as abandoned (the fix has been in effect but unannounced before this patch release).
  • Disconnecting early from the last map of a tournament match set now only counts as forfeiting the match and not the whole tournament (the change has been in effect but unannounced before this patch release).
  • Fixed a lobby issue that could result in a player being present in multiple spectator slots.
  • Players who haven’t played a ranked game for 31 days will now be hidden from the leaderboard of that mode.


  • A security issue that could have allowed undetected interface modification was fixed. Thanks to Critico for reporting it. Friends
  • Added an option to “decline and block” incoming friend requests which prevents further friend requests from the user.
  • Added a list of blocked users in the friend list with the option to unblock them.


  • Added the logic action ‘reset_movers’ which resets moving props in the map to their original positions.
  • Added the logic actions ‘enable_light’, ‘disable_light’, ‘modify_light’ and ‘reset_light’ which can affect existing light entities on the map.
  • Added the logic action ‘unfreeze_player’ and enabled ‘freeze_player’, available in all modes. Unlike the Freeze Tag gamemode, players must be unfrozen using the action rather than being thawed by teammates.
  • The editpad now contains entity prefabs named ‘teleport_pair’ and ‘jumppad_pair’. When added to a map from the editpad, they create both entities pre-targeted.
  • Added the property ‘trigger_random’ to the logic action ‘trigger_trigger’. If set to true, it will choose a single random trigger from the list of specified triggers, separated by spaces.
  • Added the logic action ‘despawn_entity’ which affects placed pickups (not dropped entities). After despawning, the entity will respawn according to its ‘time’ property as normal, unless ‘prevent_respawn’ is set to true on the logic action.
  • Added additional space for command text in ‘set_custom_commands’ on the editpad.
  • Fixes for all triggers involving frags and damage to have the property ‘include_self_damage’ and take it into consideration, including self-frags.
  • Fix for a crash related to the logic action ‘finish_game’ (Thanks to JoJTheRat for the report).
  • The console command ‘/reset’ is no longer necessary after modifying logic entities in order for the new values to take effect. However, any changes made to any entities while editing -logic or otherwise, such as player tags, disabled entities, allowed drops, etc.- will also reset any current logic states. In some cases, using ‘/reset’ may still be desired in order to reset or re-trigger some events.
  • Several editor settings have been added to the editpad’s settings tab.
  • The song (sound name) music_gameplay_survival_extinction_group by JoJTheRat has been added and can be used on a sound playing logic entity.


  • Fix for various actions having any effect when they are performed while watching a replay (shooting, chatting, switching weapons, etc.), which also excludes those key-presses from being shown in the ‘Controls’ HUD element
  • The game HUD is now hidden from the score screen at the end of a replay.
  • Eggbot gibs/debris are now removed when seeking forwards/backwards within a replay.
  • Sounds are now temporarily muted while seeking a replay.
  • Fix for the scoreboard not being shown during a replay when pressing the scoreboard keybind.
  • Fix for being disconnected for inactivity while watching a replay.
  • Fix for being unable to join a match while a replay is playing (the replay will now stop).

Server replays

  • Fix for the ‘Ally Players’ HUD element being empty and ‘Enemy Players’ always showing team 1.
  • Fix for HP/Armor values not being updated for enemies of the current POV.
  • Fix for distorted shaft beam visuals when switching POV.
  • Removed team-chat messages.
  • Fix for being unable to see the player perspective in a Time Trials replay that had only one player.

Client replays

  • Added chat messages sent by the POV player.
  • The ‘Speed’ HUD element now receives updates.
  • Fix for secondary fire being incorrectly handled as primary fire.
  • Fix for scores not updating in round-based modes.
  • Fixed a crash when seeking within a client replay.
  • Fix for some game mode settings not being correctly initialized.
  • Fix for moving props not moving in a client replay.


  • Collision fixes to Arcol and Caliburn.
  • Prism has received some collision fixes and geometry adjustments.
  • Star Station has been updated with a health system, weapon upgrade balance, perks, and other logic features.

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